Present Made

Shaping The Present

Present Made owns and manages rental communities for the long-term. We want to make living sustainably second nature for renters.
Our homes are built exclusively for rent by us or with our best-in-class delivery partners.
Informed by the past, we shape the present, to provide homes that enable better futures.

Present Made
Present Made
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Built For Rent

More people are renting homes than ever – yet first-rate properties built specifically for rent are rare. Present Made’s vibrant communities of single-family homes will change that.
We believe renting should be an attainable lifestyle of choice. Our developments will bring robust, stylish architecture to landscape-led neighbourhoods that encourage sustainable, healthy and active lifestyles.

Our time

Working with housebuilders and other delivery partners, we are targeting an initial £1.5 billion pipeline of approximately 3,000 homes to be delivered as part of communities across the South of England and the Midlands.
Wholly owned by leading UK real estate investment manager Apache Capital, we are building high-quality homes for rent, with both people and planet in mind.

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Keeping it simple

A single monthly payment covers it all, from your rent to professional management and high-speed broadband. The dedicated Present Made app means you can fix problems at the push of a button. With no fees or deposits, savings to our most important person – the resident – are immediate.

Present Made
For generations to come
Present Made
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Common sense

Present Made homes will sit in communities designed to work for people morning, noon and night. Families can play, learn, work, discover and grow in landscaped spaces maintained by Present Made staff – all included in the rent. Our neighbourhoods are designed to sustain lifetimes of positive experiences, no matter what your age.


Great design responds to the natural world around it, and is never the same twice. Present Made communities, founded on a deep knowledge of regional identity, exist in dialogue with the geography, history and culture of their surroundings.

Present Made
This time with feeling


Designed for living better, constructed to stand the test of time, environmentally sustainable: the Present Made home is built for now and the future. Our ESG-focused strategy will see target a net-zero operational model, reducing our carbon footprint.

Of Eddington

Of Eddington

Present Made of Eddington

The first dedicated rental neighbourhood in Britain, Present Made of Eddington, is home to an extraordinarily rich past. Indeed, much of what we know about the world today can be traced to this relatively small parcel of land, located north-east of Cambridge, our site includes a mix of 370 houses and apartments, a raised garden court, liveable streets, an ecology corridor, and is directly connected to the Cambridge cycle network.
Of Mill View

Of Mill View

Present Made of Mill View

Present Made of Mill View sits south of Bedford, within a cluster of historic villages and country parks. Inspired by a past marked by inspirational people, in aviation, brick making, craft and centuries of agricultural practice, and by a long tradition of community-orientated events, the 170-acre site and one of the UK’s first net zero carbon neighbourhoods will include 650 homes, a five-acre primary school with early years provision, and a new 87-acre countryside park.

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