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United by nature

Present Made builds homes and cultivates communities for people to thrive and places to flourish. Our homes are designed to rent, for the time of your life, whatever your age, in places of individual character, vitality and distinction, where living sustainably is second nature. Informed by the past, we shape the present, to make homes that sustain better futures.

Present Made
Present Made
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Designed for rent

More people are renting homes than ever – yet first-rate properties designed to rent are rare. Present Made’s vibrant communities of single-family homes change all that. We believe in renting as the affordable lifestyle of choice for a sustainable future, and bring robust, stylish architecture to landscape-led developments that encourage sustainable -healthy and active lifestyles.

Our time

The first UK company to develop, own and professionally manage rental family housing, we are investing £1.6 billion in 3,000 beautifully designed homes in southern England. With each precision-engineered modular home using cutting-edge processes and materials, and equipped with the latest smart technology, we target a net-zero operational model to deliver minimized costs for resident and planet alike.

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Keeping it simple

A single monthly payment covers it all, from onsite concierge and professional management to high-speed broadband to amenities including gym, cinema, children play areas, co-working spaces – and the dedicated Present Made app. With no fees or deposits savings are immediate; flexible lease contracts and empathetic management eliminate rental anxiety. If something breaks, we fix it at our cost, not yours.

Present Made
For generations to come
Present Made
This time with feeling

Common sense

Present Made homes and communities are designed to work for people morning, noon and night. Families can play, learn, work, discover and grow here among amenities maintained by on-site Present Made staff – all included in the rent. Our spaces are intelligent, humane landscapes designed to sustain lifetimes of positive experiences, no matter what your age.


Great design responds to the natural world around it, and is never the same twice. Present Made communities, founded on a deep knowledge of regional identity, exist in dialogue with the geography, history and culture of their surroundings.

Present Made
This time with feeling

Home is where the heart is

Designed for living better, constructed to stand the test of time, environmental sustainable: the Present Made home is built for now and designed for the future. Our efficient construction processes minimise disruption and waste; energy-expenditure for each home is a third of the national average; flexible designs ensure adaptability to the needs of residents at any stage of life.

Living with

Our landscape-led community plans are designed for people, not cars: for organic, sustainable living and growth. They accommodate and encourage meaningful moments and encounters in intimate settings within beautiful landscapes. They cultivate physical and mental wellbeing. They are places to belong.

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UK’s first family housing platform targeting Net-zero Carbon. We have the commitment to positive change in our DNA. Each Present Made community realises life time connections as they should be: a place where sustainability and social responsibility are built into the environmentally responsive architecture and community design, where investment is stakeholder-focused, where circular economy solutions are found for the challenges of the everyday. Present Made – for the future.

Present Made
Life time

Present Made communities: every one unique, all bound by. Shared ethos. Each responds sensitively to the local past, culture, character and interest; each benefits from a local schools, transport hubs and economic opportunity; each contributes to a local future of increased prosperity, diversity and sustainability. A rich past to look back on and a thriving future to look forward to – Present Made.

to remember
Of Eddington

Of Eddington

Present Made of Eddington

The first dedicated rental neighbourhood in Britain, Present Made of Eddington, is home to an extraordinarily rich past. Indeed, much of what we know about the world today can be traced to this relatively small parcel of land, located north-east of Cambridge, our site includes a mix of 370 houses and apartments, a raised garden court, liveable streets, an ecology corridor, and is directly connected to the Cambridge cycle network.
Of Mill View

Of Mill View

Present Made of Mill View

Present Made of Mill View sits south of Bedford, within a cluster of historic villages and country parks. Inspired by a past marked by inspirational people, in aviation, brick making, craft and centuries of agricultural practice, and by a long tradition of community-orientated events, the 170-acre site and one of the UK’s first net zero carbon neighbourhoods will include 650 homes, a five-acre primary school with early years provision, and a new 87-acre countryside park.

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