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United by Nature

Present Made builds homes and cultivates communities for people to thrive and places to flourish. Our homes are designed to rent, for the time of your life, whatever your age, in places of individual character, vitality and distinction, where living sustainably is second nature. Informed by the past, we shape the present, to make homes that sustain better futures.

Present Made

Affordable Family Homes

Designed for rent

Present Made


What is Present Made

More people are choosing to rent than ever before, with over a third of all children born today estimated to grow up in rented accommodation. The two fastest growing groups of renters are young families and downsizers.
Yet there is currently no high quality family housing that has been purpose-built or designed for rent.

To change this, Present Made is creating the UK’s first family homes that have been purpose-built and designed for rent, building sustainable, healthy communities in beautiful settings across the south of England.

We want to revolutionise the rental market, changing the way that people live, for the better.

Designed around



What we do

Present Made is the first UK company to develop, own and operate single-family rental housing for rent.

Fully funded and owned by Apache Capital, our initial £1.6bn pipeline will deliver over 3,000 precision engineered Smart homes in suburban locations across southern England.

We are targeting a net zero carbon operational model, embracing the latest technology to create highly sustainable homes that reduce costs for our residents and have been ergonomically designed for rent for all stages of life.

Our master-planned communities will engender an active sense of personal and collective wellbeing, with homes set in edible landscapes threaded together by living streets.

Present Made
Present Made


What we do for you

Everything from the onsite concierge and professional management to high speed broadband and use of amenities are covered by one simple monthly payment. On-site facilities include children’s play areas, co-working spaces, gym, fitness studios, cinema and rooms for gaming, private dining and business meetings.

We charge no deposits or fees, meaning residents are saving money before they have moved in, and offer flexible contracts with only one month’s notice to allow residents to stay as long or little as they like.

We know life is busy, so we created the Present Made app so our residents can control theirs at the touch of a button while on the go.



Present Made


It’s in our nature

Great design works with nature, not against it. Nature never produces the same thing twice.
Likewise, every Present Made is inspired and designed with deep respect and understanding of local areas geography, history and culture. Adding character and identity in the story of places with homes created for the good of people and the environment.




Home is where the heart is

Built to last, highly flexible in design, and environmentally sound, the Present Made home is made for the now and the future.

Each home is ergonomically designed, responds to the new norm of flexible working dynamic spaces for living and working and considers uses at different stages of life

Precision engineered in quality-controlled environments, our homes are faster to build with fewer defects, cause less disruption to communities, produce less waste, of which 99.4% is recycled and use 67% less energy compared to traditionally constructed homes.

The reduced construction time means Present Made developments quickly become communities.

Home Made




Landscape led communities

Distinctively local, our landscapes and communities are designed around people not cars. Thinking and designing not just for today, but also in anticipation of how we will choose to live in five, 10 but 50-years’ time.

The places we create are with and of, not on, the landscape. Everything’s connected and everything’s in motion, to bring communities to life. Naturally. Liveable streets connect homes to inviting, involving and edible landscapes that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Time well spent





We are providing spaces that work morning, noon and night. Multi-functional spaces serviced by the Present Made team that promote sustainable and healthy living and support with the new normal and a new way of life.

Walk through living streets and past seed-to-table gardens to reach children’s play areas next to a gym, fitness studio, workspaces, library, snug and private meeting rooms, games lounge and cinema rooms.

All this and more included in the rent, meaning no extra charges, and the ability to organise private or communal events through the Present Made app or face-to-face with the on-site team.

Present Made

Sense of


Present Made



Every Present Made community is professionally managed. We are promising digitally-enabled, round-the-clock service provided by an on-site team and supported by the bespoke Present Made app.

We want to take the hassle out of living so our residents can do what they love. Present Made teams are there to handle everything from queries, parcels, maintenance, gardening, landscaping and security.

They are also key parts of the community, activating our amenities and clubs to encourage daily use, organising weekly or seasonal events and daily activities that bring spaces to life and people together.

Through partnerships with local businesses we will provide additional services to our residents such as dog walking, car washing, cleaning and local food deliveries.

Hassle-free Lifestyles


Smart Technology

By taking a digital-first approach to service underpinned by our bespoke app, Present Made is creating hassle-free lifestyles for our residents.

Through the app, residents can sign their lease remotely, access and create community groups, join forums, request and track maintenance support, book classes and spaces, contribute to programmes, take advantage of local partnerships, review billing and invoice histories, and monitor Smart technologies within the home.

The app hosts a range of initial clubs for our residents to benefit from but gives individuals complete flexibility to create their own groups and foster their own community.

A Lifestyle

To Remember



Present Made’s mission is to enable people to live the time of their lives, where the everyday has been considered in every way, minimising the impact on the environment while maximising experiences.

We are crafting communities of conscience and character, beautifully designed and highly serviced, where sustainable living is second nature.

Present Made
Present Made



Targeting a net zero carbon operational model, green technologies both within and outside the home help reduce Present Made’s carbon footprint.

Cradle-to-cradle waste management and recycling underpin our construction and operational strategies.

Precision engineering combined with the latest smart technology creates sustainable, energy efficient homes that reduce living costs for our residents and minimise their impact on the environment, with 50% lower life cycle carbon emissions and 67% less energy used than traditional new build homes.

Modern methods of construction reduces onsite waste by up to 90%, house construction waste to less than 4%, of which 99.4% is recycled.

We are here

For You

Present Made


Local Connections

No Present Made neighbourhood is an island. It is a community connected to other communities. The programme of events led by the dedicated onsite teams help bind the Present Made community together and to neighbouring communities, complementing rather than competing.

Present Made is fundamentally of and with the wider community.


Health and Well Being

A Present Made neighbourhood is designed around the concept of active invitation and participation. They are master-planned, landscape-led communities that have been designed to promote active and healthy lifestyles that support mental and physical wellbeing.

Never has this been more important, with Covid-19 highlighting the fragility of mental and physical health.

Our residents can access the gym, fitness studios with a range of Pilates, yoga and other classes combined with outdoor equipment, dog walking clubs and running and cycling tracks. A people-first approach promotes walking and cycling over the car, access to extensive in and outdoor amenities and uses biophilic design to bring real sense of being of and with nature.

Present Made


By Nature

Everything in Place

Present Made has secured four sites in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. With plans for a further six sites, we have deliberately targeted areas in southern England where unaffordable housing is at its highest, and where our plans of £1.6 billion to deliver 3,000 homes will have the greatest impact. These are chosen not just for their excellent schools, transport links and work opportunities, but also for the fact that each has a rich history and story of unique character and personality, to build on and draw people and inspiration together.

Of Cambridge

Of Cambridge

Present Made of Cambridge

The first dedicated rental neighbourhood in Britain, Present Made of Cambridge, is home to an extraordinarily rich past. Indeed, much of what we know about the world today can be traced to this relatively small parcel of land, located north-east of Cambridge, our site includes a mix of 370 houses and apartments, a raised garden court, liveable streets, an ecology corridor, and is directly connected to the Cambridge cycle network.

Of Bedford

Of Bedford

Present Made of Bedford

Present Made of Bedford sits south of Bedford, within a cluster of historic villages and country parks. Inspired by a past marked by inspirational people, in aviation, brick making, craft and centuries of agricultural practice, and by a long tradition of community-orientated events, the 170-acre site and one of the UK’s first net zero carbon neighbourhoods will include 650 homes, a five-acre primary school with early years provision, and a new 87-acre countryside park.


We are Responsible

Our responsibility is to the future and to each other. A force for the long term good, Present Made neighbourhoods are made to be as environmentally responsible as they are socially useful. Our Articles of Association are predicated on a stakeholder-focused approach to investment, promote circular economy solutions to everyday living, and insist on the delivery of an environmentally responsive architecture. Working closely with our community action partner, we aim to create worlds in which sustainable living is second nature. Britain’s first net operational zero-carbon family housing platform, we put our money where our mouth is – today and for the long term future.

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